TSE Industry Studies

Are you an entrepreneur exploring the feasibility of an innovative pilot or demonstration project in industry? Will you help reduce CO2 emissions in 2030 with this project, at low cost? Then make use of the TSE Industry Studies grant scheme.


TSE Industry Studies is a Dutch grant scheme (TSE Industrie Studies) aiming to facilitate studies in preparation for a possible pilot or demonstration project. In short, it must involve an innovation that contributes to the Dutch Climate Agreement. The central goal of this Climate Agreement is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the Netherlands by at least 49 percent in 2030 compared to 1990.

The purpose of the TSE Industry Studies grant scheme is to support feasibility studies into pilot projects and environmental studies into demonstration projects that will contribute to the cost-effective reduction of CO2 emissions in 2030.


Themes within this grant scheme are:

  • closing industrial chains
  • a CO2-free industrial heat system
  • maximally electrified and radically renewed processes
  • CCUS (capture, transport, reuse and permanent storage of CO2)
  • other CO2-reducing measures
  • environmental investment in mature technologies.


The study must be conducted by a company or a partnership comprising at least one company. Three types of studies are eligible for a grant:

  • feasibility study (a study preceding a pilot project)
  • environmental study (a study examining the investments needed to achieve a higher level of environmental protection)
  • comparable study (an environmental study focusing on a specific topic, e.g. advanced biofuels)

How can we help you?

The experts at PNO Chemistry can assist you by advising on the grant options within the TSE Industry Studies scheme, and on its conditions. We know all about the best options for each project or innovation phase. Feel free to contact us.