Do you work in the industrial sector and handle hazardous substances? Are you and other parties working together to strengthen environmental safety? If so, you may qualify for a grant under the SVO scheme. We can inform you on the conditions and help you with your grant application.


SVO (in Dutch: Subsidieregeling Versterking Omgevingsveiligheid industriƫle activiteiten) supports supra-legal (not legally required) initiatives for environmental safety that are developed by partnerships and sector associations. Environmental safety means the safety situation in the vicinity of activities involving hazardous substances or high-risk processes. The initiatives must contribute to the continued strengthening of environmental safety in the Netherlands.


Themes within the SVO scheme are:

  • security culture
  • chain responsibility
  • sustainable asset management
  • transparent sector
  • safe business parks and clusters
  • high-quality knowledge of dealing with hazardous substances and high-risk processes.

In addition, each year a number of focal points are set. Projects that put these into practice receive more funding than others.


  • Partnerships and sector associations are the target groups of this scheme. In addition, the scheme is open to small and medium-sized industrial enterprises seeking external advice on safety culture and safety assurance.
  • Four types of projects are eligible for an SVO grant:
    • process and organisational innovation
    • training
    • environmental study
    • external consultancy (small and medium-sized enterprises).

How can we help you?

Do you want to know more about the SVO scheme and how your project might benefit from it? Our specialists will be glad to inform you, provide you with advice and support you with your grant application. Please feel free to contact us.