european grants

Europe’s ambitious funding programme for research and innovation.
Financial and non-financial support for ambitious and innovative SMEs.
Contribute to the European climate and environmental goals.
Drive innovative low-carbon technologies towards the market.
Focus on innovative European partnerships.
Get actively involved in cross-border R&D.
A grant scheme for sustainability projects and innovations that strengthen Europe.
A European fund for regional development.

dutch grants

Test and improve your new energy technology in a demonstration project.
Fiscal benefit for energy-saving techniques.
A grant for innovative projects leading to CO2 reduction by 2030.
A grant for green innovations in the transport sector.
Contribute to achieving climate goals together with your partners.
Fiscal innovation scheme for R&D activities.
Tax deduction schemes for investments in sustainable corporate assets.
A grant scheme for Dutch SMEs that develop technical innovations.
Large-scale rollout of techniques that produce renewable energy and reduce CO2 emissions.
Explore the feasibility of an innovative pilot or demonstration project.
Strengthen environmental safety.
Dutch grant scheme to stimulate investments in elektrolysers for the production of hydrogen