Would you like to work on integrated solutions that contribute to the Dutch climate goals? Are you eager to do this together with other parties – in a consortium – and with a special eye for social embedding? The MOOI grant scheme for mission-driven research, development and innovation may provide you with support. PNO Chemistry’s consultants can help you set up your project, find consortium partners and apply for a MOOI grant.


MOOI (in Dutch: Missiegedreven Onderzoek, Ontwikkeling en Innovatie) aims at stimulating the development of new, innovative energy solutions that contribute to achieving the climate goals. The MOOI scheme is of particular interest to developers of new innovations that are not yet ready for a commercial market launch but that nevertheless may result in an initial application or demonstration in a real-life setting over the next five to ten years.


The MOOI grant scheme focuses on three thematic ‘missions’ (or sectors). These are:

  • Mission A: Electricity
  • Mission B: Built-up Environment
  • Mission C: Industry


  • There must be a partnership with at least three companies that will carry out the project. These may not be connected to each other within a group.
  • Eligible project costs must be at least 2 million euros.
  • The minimum grant amount is 25,000 euros per participant, while the maximum grant amount is 4 million euros per MOOI project. A maximum amount of 7 million euros is available for projects grouped into the Built-up Environment category.

How can we help you?

Our experts will be glad to inform you on the details of the MOOI grant scheme and provide you with advice and support. Please feel free to contact us.