Are you going to produce renewable (sustainable) energy? Or apply CO2-reducing techniques? If so, you may be eligible for a grant from SDE++, the Dutch scheme for stimulating sustainable energy production and climate transition. With this scheme, the government helps companies and (non-)profit institutions to reduce CO2 emissions. If you think you qualify for this grant, PNO Chemistry will be happy to support you.


SDE++ (in Dutch: Stimulering Duurzame Energieproductie en Klimaattransitie) aims at stimulating sustainable energy production and CO2 reduction. In this way, the government ensures that the energy transition in the Netherlands remains feasible and affordable.


The SDE++ scheme has the following themes:

  • Renewable electricity (osmosis / hydropower / wind / solar)
  • Renewable heat (from biomass / composting / geothermal / solar thermal)
  • Renewable gas (from biomass)
  • Low-CO2 heat (aquathermal / daylight greenhouse / solar PVT panels with heat pump / electric boiler / geothermal / residual heat / industrial heat pump / hybrid glass furnace)
  • Low-CO2 production (CO2 capture, storage and utilisation / advanced renewable fuels / hydrogen by electrolysis)


  • The SDE++ grant is intended for companies and (non-)profit institutions in sectors such as industry, mobility, electricity, agriculture and the built environment.
  • The SDE++ grant is intended to compensate for the ‘unprofitable top’ of the investment in question, and compensates for the difference in cost price between the classic/polluting technology and the new ‘greener’ technology.
  • Applying for an SDE++ grant is only possible within official application rounds. There is one application round each year.
  • Grant applicants have to time their application moment ‘strategically’. The reason is that projects requiring a lot of funding will be considered later, and run the risk that the budget will be exhausted by that time. Submitting an application earlier can therefore be strategically advisable (the grant will be lower, but the chances of success are better).

How can we help you?

The most favourable time to submit an SDE++ application may differ per project/technology. Our experts have a lot of experience with this and can advise you on the best strategic timing for your project. Are you working on plans for an investment project related to energy innovation and/or CO2 reduction? Our experts are happy to tell you more about the funding options and can provide support in preparing or drafting your grant application. Feel free to contact us.