The transport sector must become cleaner and greener to combat climate change. To accelerate this process, innovations are needed that focus on new emission-reducing technologies and products. Examples are ships that run on electricity or trucks that run on hydrogen. Are you and your partners developing an innovation with little or no CO2 emissions? Then your innovation project might be eligible for a grant from DKTI-Transport (Demonstration of Climate Technologies and Innovations in Transport). PNO Chemistry can help you prepare your grant application.


The objective of DKTI-Transport (in Dutch: Demonstratie klimaattechnologieën en -innovaties in transport) is to accelerate strong, green innovations in the transport sector. The emphasis is on developing, testing, and demonstrating new emission-reducing techniques and other climate innovations.


Themes within the DKTI-Transport grant scheme are:

  • electric driving and sailing
  • efficient road traffic
  • efficient ships
  • driving on hydrogen
  • mobile machines
  • heavy road traffic and aviation
  • biofuels in aviation.


  • The DKTI-Transport scheme is intended for Dutch enterprises, knowledge institutions and non-governmental organisations that are active in the transport sector. Depending on the type of project, these organisations can apply individually or in partnership.
  • Grants amount up to 3 million euros per project. The grant amount that can be applied for depends on the project type and the transport mode category.

How can we help you?

Do you want to know more about the DKTI-Transport grant scheme and how you might benefit from it? PNO Chemistry’s specialists will be glad to inform you and provide you with advice and support. Feel free to contact us.