SVO grant scheme stimulates environmental safety in industry

Hazardous substances and high-risk processes are the focus of SVO 2022-2027, the updated grant scheme for environmental safety in industrial activities. The scheme opened earlier this month for innovation and knowledge projects that develop the notion of ‘safety first’.

SVO: support for environmental safety initiatives

At the beginning of February, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Works published the Temporary grant scheme for strengthening environmental safety in industrial activities 2022-2027. This scheme, SVO 2022-2027 for short, supports (extra-statutory) initiatives to strengthen environmental safety in industrial activities involving hazardous substances and high-risk processes. The scheme is open with immediate effect.

Compared to the old SVO scheme, which ran until October 2021, there are several changes. From now on, the Ministry will set a number of focal points each year and projects that put these into practice will receive a higher grant than other projects. This will ensure that the scheme and the funded projects (‘Safety Deals’) are always in tune with current events. More attention is paid to sharing project results, so that the entire sector or chain can work with them. This should contribute to a lasting strengthening of environmental safety in the Netherlands.

Which projects are eligible for a grant?

To be eligible for an SVO grant, the project must relate to one or more of the following six themes:

  • security culture
  • chain responsibility
  • sustainable asset management
  • transparent sector
  • safe business parks and clusters
  • high-quality knowledge.

In addition, as mentioned above, it is important that the project addresses one of the focal points set by the Ministry each year. The focal points for 2022 are:

  • transparent collaboration between companies within an industrial cluster
  • future-proof and reliable process installations
  • optimisation of best working methods and techniques.

Taking into account the aforementioned themes and focal points, four types of projects can be eligible for a SVO grant:

  • process and organisational innovation: applying a new organisational method or a new or significantly improved production or delivery method
  • training: transferring knowledge
  • environmental study: mapping out the necessary investments to achieve a higher level of environmental protection or environmental safety
  • advice for SMEs: external advice for strengthening the internal safety culture or internal safeguarding of the safety of the SME.

Who can apply for a grant?

An SVO grant can be applied for by:

  • branch organisations
  • coordinators of industry partnerships (partnerships consisting of at least two companies from the same industry)
  • coordinators of cluster partnerships (location-oriented partnerships consisting of at least two companies that work with hazardous substances or high-risk processes)
  • coordinators of chain partnerships (partnerships consisting of at least two companies in a chain).

Environmental services and safety regions can also be part of a partnership, provided they are not the lead party.

How much is the grant?

Depending on the type of applicant and the type of project, the SVO grant amounts to a maximum of 15% to a maximum of 70% of the eligible costs. The table below shows the maximum grant percentages per project type and per type of applicant.

Project type Large enterprise Medium-sized enterprise Small enterprise
process and organisational innovation 15% 50% 50%
training 50% 60% 70%
environmental study 50% 60% 70%
advice for SMEs 0% 50% 50%


The maximum SVO grant amounts set by the Ministry are:

  • process and organisational innovation, training, environmental study: maximum 500,000 euros
  • advice for SMEs: maximum 10,000 euros.

Earlier we mentioned the importance of using the project to implement the focal points set by the Ministry. For a process or organisational innovation, training or environmental study that is not related to one of the focal points, the relevant grant percentage will be reduced by 15 percentage points.

Take action!

Branch organisations and partnerships can apply for an SVO grant at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). The distribution of the available funds – in 2022 it concerns 2 million euros – will take place in order of receipt of the applications. It is therefore advisable to act quickly, because: gone = gone!

How can PNO Chemistry be of service to you?

Does your company work with hazardous substances and/or high-risk processes? And would you like to do more to guarantee environmental safety? Then the SVO grant could certainly be something for you! Given all the conditions and details of the SVO scheme, we can imagine that you are wondering whether your specific safety project is eligible for a grant. Our consultants are happy to help you. We will guide you through the scheme, examine with you how we can optimally set up your project and prepare the grant application for you. Would you like to know more? Please feel free to contact us.