Possible extension of DEI+ with grant for biomass gasification technology

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland, RVO) has just held a consultation round with the theme ‘upscaling gasification technology biogenic (residual) streams’. As you know, processing biomass in this way produces, among other things, syngas, which is used by the chemical industry as a basis for all kinds of new products. Subsidy can accelerate this development

Modification of the DEI+ scheme: what is the government thinking of?

The Dutch DEI+ scheme (Demonstration Energy and Climate Innovation) was set up to stimulate energy innovations. The grant is available for projects where the innovation is applied first. The DEI+ focuses on themes and technologies in need of additional stimulation at some point. Some technologies drop out over time, for example because they have proven themselves, and new technologies can be added – as is currently the case with biomass gasification technology. Possible adjustments to the DEI+ for this new technology are:

  • addition of a separate budget for this component
  • increasing the maximum subsidy per project from €15 to €30 million
  • investments in a gasifier of at least 5 MW input and the equipment required to convert the produced syngas into green gas, biofuels or bio-based raw materials are eligible
  • the bio-based raw materials in question are listed in Annex IX of the Renewable Energy Directive; they must also comply with the sustainability criteria listed in this Directive.

Furthermore, if a storage facility is part of the investment, at least 75% of the fuel content on an annual basis must come from production facilities directly connected to it and, finally, a subsidy application requires a permit under the Nature Conservation Act and a permit under the Environmental Law (General Provisions) Act.

Grant amount

The grant amount will depend on the type of demonstration project:

  • for gasification projects producing green gas or biofuels, the maximum permissible subsidy rate is 45% of the eligible investment costs (plus 10% or 20% for medium-sized or small enterprises, respectively)
  • for recycling bio-based raw materials with a waste status into end products with a non-energy application, the subsidy rate is 40% plus also 10% or 20% for medium-sized or small enterprises.

The costs covered by the subsidy are the additional costs compared to a less environmentally friendly reference project.

Do you have plans for a biomass gasification plant?

Are you active in chemistry, and do you have plans for a biomass gasification plant? Then this new grant/expansion of the DEI+ may be of interest to you. Naturally, we will follow developments in this area and inform you as soon as there is any news. However, you can also contact us if you have any questions now. Our PNO Chemistry experts will be happy to answer your questions. Contact us at 088-838 13 81 or send us a message.