IPCEI funding for new 100 megawatt hydrogen plant

If we want to make heavy industries more sustainable and reach national CO2 reduction targets, we will need large amounts of green hydrogen. Project H2ermes near Amsterdam will be one of the first hydrogen plants in the Netherlands with a capacity of 100 megawatt. This makes it an important enabler for the development of the Dutch hydrogen economy and the decarbonisation of the region. Under the IPCEI Hydrogen initiative, PNO Chemistry managed to secure the IPCEI status and funding for H2ermes.

H2ermes: green hydrogen for a sustainable future

Project H2ermes is a 100 megawatt hydrogen plant to produce green hydrogen for sustainable steel and to reduce emissions from industry in the Amsterdam region. Green hydrogen is made by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen, using renewable electricity. This technique is called electrolysis. No CO2 is produced or emitted in the process. With a capacity of 100 megawatt, H2ermes can produce up to 15.000 tons of green hydrogen and large amounts of oxygen each year, making it an important step in the further development of the hydrogen economy.

Hydrogen Hub Amsterdam

The port of Amsterdam, together with Gasunie, takes care of the distribution of hydrogen in the region. With this connection to the hydrogen backbone, the H2ermes project is an important kickstart project for the Hydrogen Hub NZKG in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. The hydrogen can be used for the production of renewable fuels and for new forms of low-carbon circular chemistry.

Role of PNO Chemistry

Under the IPCEI Hydrogen initiative, PNO Chemistry‚Äôs funding experts managed to secure the IPCEI status for the H2ermes project. The acronym IPCEI stands for ‘Important Projects of Common European Interest’. This concerns funding for certain innovation themes of major strategic European importance. The specific IPCEI Hydrogen initiative has a series of funding rounds, each with its own focus. One of these concerned hydrogen production by electrolysis. A ‘perfect match’: partly thanks to the efforts of PNO Chemistry, H2ermes has now acquired the IPCEI status. This brings the construction of the hydrogen plant another step closer. The aim is to supply the first green hydrogen by 2025/2026.

What can PNO Chemistry do for you?

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