The days when companies could plan five years or more ahead are far behind us. Even markets that used to be incredibly stable, aren’t so anymore. New technologies offer opportunities, disruptive innovations pose threats. This makes it important for companies to stay in the loop. PNO Chemistry’s innovation calibration method ensures you will remain on the right track, by examining your vision and strategy in the light of actual facts and trends. Want to know more? Feel free to contact us.

Innovation calibration

Why innovation calibration?

Dozens of factors influence how a market and the players within it will develop. Among those are internal factors that indicate the relative power of an organisation, such as its innovativeness, market share and core skills. But there are also external factors, which all actors in a market should consider a given, since they are difficult or impossible to influence. Examples are the competitive dynamics within a market, transformation through fully new technology-driven business models, general profitability and the availability and recycling of raw materials. We often see entrepreneurs developing ‘blind spots’ for their own market:

  • overlooking obvious factors when creating their own strategic analysis
  • viewing factors as self-evident
  • undervaluing important factors
  • not assessing risks properly due to previous successes
  • not using available data
  • not having the time or skills to analyse available data.

How innovation calibration will help you

Every entrepreneur should ask himself, at least once a year, which route and exits he should take. To help answer that question, PNO Chemistry has developed innovation calibration. This method facilitates a thorough, preferably structural analysis of vision, strategy, product-market combination and/or any other strategic unit. Our expert consultants examine your vision and strategy in the light of actual facts and trends. We do that by using the knowledge and experience of relevant representatives from your company. Through our self-developed knowledge system that can gather, analyse and interpret available information worldwide, and tools that give you insight in the match between your strengths and potential innovation strategies, we give you a clear, well-founded and – just as important – impartial advice, that will help you make fundamental choices.

Want to know more?

Do you want to know if innovation calibration is suitable for your company? We would be glad to plan an informal meeting with you to explain our service in more detail. Feel free to contact us.

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